Entire Park Rental

Reserve Our Park For Your Next Event

  • The Park is available all year for reservation requests (outside of Lions Park events)
  • Facility rental ends at dusk
  • The price for rental:
    • $1,200
  • Full payment and deposit is required at least 1 month prior to rental
  • Park is not closed to the public, but “venues” are exclusive to rental group
  • Park rental requires Lions Park board approval
    • Board meets on 1st Tuesday of every month
    • Rental request should be well in advance of park need to allow for review and approval
  • There will be a designated Lions member assigned to the event to assist with any park needs

Park Amenities Include …

Rental Rules and Regulations…

  • No portable toilets will be allowed in the park without prior approval of the Lions Club as to number and location
  • No parking in the grass
  • Lions Club will handle trash bins and recycle stands
  • Written layout must be submitted and approved by the Lion’s Coordinator prior to all full park events as to location of tents, pathways to be used, food trucks, etc
  • We will loan out our tables and chairs for no extra charge but Lions tents should not be used unless we have a Lion’s sponsored tent
  • The insurance certificate must be received by the lions Club at least 30 days out from the event. This gives us time to submit it to Pat McKee and for the renter to make changes if necessary. We need a copy of the Town Permit at the same time. Any outside food vendor must supply an insurance certificate as well.
  • Renter must provide security (off-duty police) for the entire time of the full park event
  • There may be a charge for extra days requested for set up. This will be negotiated by the Lion’s Coordinator and the renter
  • We will also reduce the need for large numbers of Lions volunteers. Except where negotiated with members of the PNP program, we will limit our participation to set up and tear down
  • We will only schedule one full park rental per weekend. The schedule for the events we are aware of is complete for 2016 and gene will share this schedule with ZLL to avoid conflicts with their games. All new requests on full park rentals for the year will be brought to the board for approval.
  • Use and location of any outside grills must be approved in advance by Lion Coordinator.
  • No items can be removed from walls of clubhouse or any items attached to walls with nails, tacks, staples, etc.
  • Tables or chairs from inside the clubhouse cannot be used on the balcony.